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As a third-party logistics provider, B3 specializes in driving costs down by simplifying and modernizing even the most complicated fulfillment needs. What really sets B3 apart from other 3PL’s, though, is the fact that we don’t stop at the basics. Sure, help storing and distributing your product is great, but what if you also need help packaging, assembling, labeling, and processing? At B3, it happens all under one roof so you can spend less time on logistical headaches and more time growing your business.  


The cost-saving benefits of utilizing B3’s 3PL services: 


  • Our extensive network of shipping providers combined with our volume discounts mean you always get great freight rates, no matter the size of your order. 

  • Our expansive warehouse space in the heart of the Midwest provides easy access to rail, road and shipping vessels, with an average shipment speed of only one to two days. 

  • No storage or warehousing needs allows you to operate out of a much smaller, more affordable footprint. 

  • When you work with a 3PL, volume discounts on boxes, packaging, labels, and other fulfillment supplies significantly reduce overhead costs. 

  • Outsourcing order fulfillment, kitting, processing, and other time-consuming fulfillment tasks means you drastically reduce your labor costs. 


Ultimately, the greatest benefit of utilizing a 3PL provider like B3 is simple: the less time you spend worrying about packages, labels, and orders means the more time you have to expand your offerings and grow your business. 


At B3, we pride ourselves in developing lasting relationships with not only our customers but our vendors as well. We strive to provide the best possible personalized service, which is why when you call us you talk to a real person. If you have a problem, we work with you to find a solution. When something goes wrong, we are there to make it right. 


B3 Fulfillment guarantees that you will be satisfied with our work, but if you aren’t we will make it right. Contact us today to find out how B3 Fulfillment’s 3PL services can save your business time and money. 




75% of 3PL users agree that 3PLs provide new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness.


Using B3 Fulfillment eliminates the need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation, and employees to carry out logistics processes, allowing for more focus on your core competencies. 



A 3PL can reduce costs by as much as 25% for manufactures who run their own shipping departments.

Through sheer volume and excellent relationships with our delivery services, we can pass our savings on to our customers.



83% of 3PL users agree that the use of 3PLs has improved service to their customers.

With a wide array of value-added services, B3 Fulfillment can help you expand your product offerings without excessive inventory. With our flexible space and labor, we can delay product configuration until the last minute, enabling you to respond more accurately to your customer demand.

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