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B3 Ecommerce Fulfillment





When selling through Amazon’s FBA program, there are a lot of rules for your inventory to abide by to be accepted at the fulfillment center. It can also be a challenge to keep up with inventory demand and fast turnaround times when you must prep each item yourself. B3 Fulfillment takes the burden off your shoulders with professional, expert FBA prep services.


Otherwise known as reverse logistics can put a damper on the customer experience, let us help you take a lost sale and reframe the customer relationship. We want your customer to receive their refund in a timely manner, therefore our process begins the second we receive a return. We also take a picture of every product we receive; therefore, the condition of a returned product is never in question. Finally depending on the return policy your company has put into place we can re-stock the product or return it to you. 


Ecommerce Fulfillment Integration

Our technology will integrate your ecommerce shopping cart with our inventory and order management system. Below are just some of the ecommerce stores B3 can integrate with:


Amazon - Big Commerce – WooCommerce – Shopify – Zen Cart – eBay – Magento – X-Cart



B3 is proud to offer pick & pack and fulfillment services for subscription boxes.


Drop Shipping vs. Ecommerce Fulfillment

It’s important that our customers understand the difference between these two commonly misunderstood terms. Drop shipping is an eCommerce business model that involves the retailer selling items that they do not have an inventory of. With eCommerce Fulfillment the retailer holds an inventory of the products they are selling.



Let B3 Fulfillment be your choice storing and fulfilling your online and retail orders in B3’s state-of-the-art, well secured, warehousing and fulfillment center. Utilizing a third party for warehousing eliminates the need to sign a personally guaranteed lease, hire and manage employees, purchase expensive Warehouse Management Software (WMS), pallet racking systems, scanners, tow motors, and a variety of other expensive costs.  Some of the services that B3 Fulfillment warehousing includes are:


Kitting & Assembly

Let B3’s experienced staff assemble your product or single items into a finished unit, kit or bundle multiple items together into one package, or kit smaller like-items into a holiday sample pack, gift sets, or ready to ship sets.  This is a great service for not only subscription boxes sent to your monthly subscribers, but also allows the customer to be flexible with their SKU’s by un-kitting items if necessary.  Great for parts, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

Inventory Management & Order Processing 

B3’s robust Warehouse Management system assigns your items specific locations, sets par levels that alert you when to re-order, and gives you the ability to get real time emails to view all of your goods you have on hand at our B3’s facility.


(also known as Contract Packaging, Contract Manufacturing, or co-packing)

Do your products need things packaged and labeled?  B3 can make, bottle, package and label various items, and be your one stop shop with our vertically integrated facility.



Do you simply need a place to store excess inventory, or run out of room at your current facility?  B3 Fulfillment has clean, well designed space to make sure your products are stored safely, and ready for you when you need them.  Whether you have boxes that need stored, or many pallets B3 is prepared to put your items in a well-secured area.


Display Assembly

Do you have point of sale or retail displays being ready to be deployed?  Let B3 build/assemble them for you.  Our team will make sure they are built to perfection and shipped to your customer ready to setup.


Re-Labeling Services

Did you find a typo, or a misprint after your items had already been labeled?  B3 Fulfillment has a team ready to quickly, and accurately re-label your items.


Shrink Wrapping/Heat Sealing

Do you have single items that you would like to pair to sell, or simply need to put multiple items in one bag?  We have heat shrink guns for simple, smaller runs, or heat shrink tables, and tunnel sealers to heat shrink, or seal any need you have.


Let’s keep it simple: Process orders, source and procure your product needs, package and ship all in one place with B3 Fulfillment. We are your single point of contact for all of your fulfillment needs.
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